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Hidden Books Of The Bible


Find the hidden books of the Bible.

Read the following paragraphs.  Try to locate the names of 27 books of the Bible.  Each name may span more than one word, or be confined within a larger word, so look diligently! 

A worldly speaker once made a few unspiritual remarks about hidden books of the Bible to be found in a series of short paragraphs.  This lulu kept some people looking intensely for facts and more clear revelation.  Many listeners were in a jam, especially since the books were not capitalized, but their enthusiasm produced eternal truths that struck large numbers of readers.  It seemed like a hard job at first, to look for these hidden books, but it quickly became a most fascinating opportunity.
Yes, there will be some real easy ones to spot, while others will be very difficult to locate.  If this causes disagreements among our visitors, it may require judges to finally settle the matter before a mass exodus from these games occurs.  We must admit it usually takes a minute or two to find some, and others might take several minutes.  This often produces loud lamentations from at least  one or two readers.
Jane was pretty quick at finding book names.  She brews her coffee and then places donuts on the table, so that she can eat and search at the same time.  Her older brother Joe is a practical joker, a mimic ahead of his time who thinks looking for book names is too difficult, but he is very wrong, for any old hag gains a level of expertise in just reading these short paragraphs.  Joe lets his personality get in the way.  He lived in Johnstown for a few years but moved to New York after he tripped over a hose, and broke his leg falling into the flower bed.  When he tried to learn to play the banjo, "Nah, I'll never get it,"  was his reply.  So, Joe left the big city and came back home.  Meanwhile, Jane was dating a guy named Gene who likes to share his talents.  Gene's is the personality that more people should have, because he writes poems, essays, proverbs, and adventure stories for her.  Love is strong between them.  Her younger brother Jud, examines and proofs this literature before it is sent to the publisher, for it's not often that someone cares for your sister like that.
Well, this excercise is just about over.  It would be interesting to chronicle some of the many things that you have been doing while reading.  Did you eat a banana? Hum a tune? Drop a pen?  Rejoice in the Lord while licking some icecream?  Hopefully. you had a good time and found the names of many books of the Bible.


Word List
Joel                        Hebrews
Amos                        Revelation
Mark                        Mica
Nahum                       Kings
Jonah                       Proverbs
Luke                        Esther
Lamentations                Jude 
Numbers                     Acts
Titus                       Judges
Hosea                       Genesis
James                       John
Exodus                      Ruth
Chronicles                  Job

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"Create in me a clean heart O God; and renew a right spirit within me."
Psalm 51:10


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